Letchworth Garden City played an important role in the development of modern urban planning theory and practice throughout the 20th century.

This site includes information and images from its past and present

History and Heritage
Ebenezer Howard ( 1850 - 1928 )
Barry Parker ( 1867 - 1947 )
Raymond Unwin ( 1863 - 1941 )

Guided photographic Tour / Places of interest

Exploring the roots of the Garden City

Letchworth in Old Postcards

Letchworth Garden City Society

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Recent News

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Much of this site was built pre 2003 and the street scene in the photographs is from that period. There have been many changes , many making the area more functional but many which have seem to be change for the sake of it. I like the place less than I did 25 years ago when I moved here but thats just my opinion.
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