Baldock Road

This road is Hitchin Road to the East, it runs from Muddy Lane to Jubilee Road where it becomes Letchworth Road as it reaches the border of the town. it crosses or has junctions with many of the streets we have visited during this tour.

Near Muddy Lane on the corner of Spring Road is this building among the many trees on the North side of the road, originally an estate cottage and lodge from the 19th century on the Letchworth Manor Estate , it was used as Letchworth Post Office and Stores for a time, but after this closed 2006 it reopened as a small store.

In the 1940's it looked like this

The post office was originally on the other side of the road on the corner between Muddy Lane and Letchworth Lane in this Listed Early C17 farmhouse. "Skudamore" (on the left of the picture, see a larger version in the old postcards section) was where Raymond Unwin stayed in 1903 while designing the layout of the Garden City. It is now used as a private home, it has extensive gardens which can be seen if you search gardens at Skudamore, they are/were in the open gardens scheme

To finish the tour at this end of Baldock Road we can take a look down

Muddy Lane and

Letchworth Lane or go further west along

Hitchin Road if you didn't go there earlier.

Moving Along Baldock Road towards Baldock from Muddy Lane, To the South side there are many large residential properties, the new tennis club, St Christophers School in Barrington Road, Cloisters in Cloister Road, further along Willian Way branches to Whitehorn Lane where you can find one of the towns busy sports grounds. The residential area now spreading South almost down to the village of Willian. As you near Letchworth Gate the newer houses of the Lordship and Jackmans estates flank the main A505 and the Longabout as the town spreads East to the A1(M).

On the North side from Spring Road you first come to Field Lane, a street that radiates Souberie Avenue a minor road that closely circles most of one side of the town square. Next after a long stretch of greenery that hides the back of several large houses you reach Sollershott East. Here there has been a lot of relatively high density infill housing created re-using the site of the old tennis club, it can be seen on the corner and down a new access road which does not seem to have been named yet on google maps. Coincidentaly the next two houses you come to are these.. Known as the Alpha Cottages, by Picton and Hope 1904 (the earliest known homes in the new garden city)

You pass the ends of Norton Way South, Rushby Mead (that passes behind Howard Park at its other end) and the Crescent which is actually a Y shaped road until you reach the roundabout at the end of Pixmore Way. Continuing towards Baldock there is Pixmore Avenue off of which you can find Garden House Hospice, The White House Nursing Home and Ernest Gardner Day Hospital,

Pixmore Avenue originally the edge of the Industrial Area

Beyond this there is residential Housing on both sides until you reach the football club to your right and a playing field to the left. Next to this Dunhams Lane leads into the Industrial area which fills the left side with only one junction at Avenue One, while to the right is the leisure center, football and rugby clubs and open fields until you reach the retail and indusrial areas either side of Jubilee Road. Shortly after this you pass under the A1 and enter Baldock, with Knights Templar School to your right.

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