Birds Hill

This roundabout is viewed from a short distance up Birds Hill facing Station Road , probably dating from the 1930's. Rushby Mead is showing at the front Left corner.

As you begin to climb the slope of Birds Hill from it's junction with Norton Way South and Station Road , one of the most important early housing developments can be seen on your right along Rushby Mead, we will come back to this later.

On the left are a group of houses designed by V Dunkerley for the 1905 Cheap Cottages Exhibition.

These cottages feature a mansard roof enclosing the first floor. This reduces the cost of construction (Tiles were cheaper than brick). The group of cottages nos 14 to 40 face onto a grassy area and are shielded from the road by hedge rows. They were refurbished by the Letchworth Garden City Corporation in 1980

You can see this group of cottages just above the bottom left hand corner, next to a factory on this early postcard of the town

Beyond here you can see a new (2006/7) development of flats on the left , these replaced the old Bridger Factory at the beginning of Works Road. Beyond these is the edge of the industrial estate, which is hidden from most of the center of the town by the natural ridge in the landscape.

To your right are a group of cottages designed in 1906 by Parker and Unwin for Garden City Tennants Ltd. This was a cottage building society intending to develop working class housing.

Unfortunately building costs for these designs were to high and a simplified version had to be designed to achieve to rent levels that ordinary workers could afford.

Straight on to Works Road and the industrial areas

or second right to Ridge Road to stay in the residential area