This next couple of pages are devoted to the western side of the view from the Broadwalk which has been completely reconstructed since 1998.

At the southern end viewed from the Town Square an L shaped steel structure was being erected (September 1998). This is to be the new college building (see some pictures of the construction) replacing the old campus which has been demolished making way for the new college and supermarket.

Beyond this the remains of the former Police Station and Magistrates Courts of 1918 and Broadway House (Barry Parker 1914). Just how much of each remains is difficult to tell at the beginning of the work, but the facade has been retained as part of the side of the Morrisons supermarket being built on what was the college and main town centre car park and here are a few pictures of the old buildings at an early stage of the work.

Demolished except for the front facade and northern side wall

A few weeks later the steel structure starts going up including new steel beams for the roof