The Cloisters and Ladybarn, Barrington Road

Designed and crafted by W.H.Cowlishaw 1905 / 1907 this unique building stood on its own in the fields until the residential housing spread this far in the 1920's. The approach up Cloisters Road was only developed in the 50's.

Designed for and by Miss Annie Jane Lawrence as an open air school , for Theosophical Meditation . It was later used for outdoor concerts until the outbreak of the 2nd World War. At that time a lot of alterations took place, which among other destructive improvements, ruined the rear view of the cloisters

See more pictures taken on an open day, including a old postcard showing how it used to look by clicking HERE

After her death in 1953 the Cloisters was managed by a trust , and is presently the North Herts Masonic Lodge. They do all they can to preserve the fabric of what can only be described as a unique structure.

Just a little further along Barrington Road is St. Christophers School . "Little Arundale" a Parker and Unwin House from 1905/6 is also part of the school now.