Eastholm Green

Walking back towards the East past the competition cottages, past Westholm Green to your right is the Common..

This is the reverse view from the end of the avenue of trees through the common , now looking back towards the town centre.

Continue east and you come to another grouping ,

Eastholm Green , a distinctive group of cottages again by Parker and Unwin for Garden City Tenants in 1906 at what was the junction of (using today's street names ) Wilbury Road (to the West) , Norton Way North (to the South) and Norton Road (to the East).

an early image of the group

In 1945 the grouping was split by Eastern Way being cut through to add the Grange Estate to the North, an open plan council estate with wide green verges and avenues of trees on many of the early roads.

If you carry on down Norton Road you will pass the recently redeveloped site of Norton High School 1905 by Raymond Unwin, the now closed and with later extensions demolished school site is now new residential housing with the original school building still at the centre

Beyond this Norton Road continues with Cashio Lane to the left leading to Croft Lane, each street with with large houses old and new with extensive grounds on many to match to match. Then on the right Green Lane with its store and post office still on the corner, (this postcard from the 50's) just before you reach Norton Village, one of the small settlements that already existed at the time Letchworth was founded. The church there dates from 1119.

But lets go back to Norton Way North for now