Foundation Day 1998

Foundation Day Saturday September 26th 1998

Celebrating the first anniversary of the £600,000 facelift of The Arcade and the opening of the new Letchworth Shop (just moved from Leys Ave and since moved to the corner of the Arcade and Station Road), the Arcade Traders organised an event themed around the title Into the Future . Zios the hydronoid a black suited robotic visitor on roller blades) spoke to children , gave out balloons, and danced to the music of visiting musician Giles Terrera.

An exhibition of work from local schools with drawings, poems and collages with a futuristic theme was on display. There was also a Sci-Fi competition in Comics Unlimited, a sweets competition with prizes donated by Annies Chocolate Emporium ( one of the latest additions to The Arcade ) , and I think I saw R2D2 and C3PO buying camping equipment in the window of Base Camp One.

Outside the Letchworth Shop in The Arcade

On the Common preparation for the evenings festivities were under way , setting up the stage and fun fair.

The crowd built up as the evening got darker and the DJ played music, then the Live entertainment began. Firstly a Bee Gees tribute band played a selection of their hits and the Stuart Kenny , Director General of The Heritage Foundation who organise this event made a short speech.

Then the moment that most of the audience had come for the firework display.

The Stage during a number from Saturday Night Fever

Once the fireworks finished many of the audience left to take small children home, but a large contingent stayed to see Black Lace perform hits by Sweet , Mud and many other bands as well as their own hits.

Black Lace onstage in front of one of the biggest audiences they had ever performed in front of.

Others wandered around the Common trying the various amusements. These included : roundabouts and a full size carousel with horses, various children's rides , a crooked house and side shows where you could win prizes.

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