Hitchin Road

Heading West towards the edge of Letchworth you pass Letchworth Lane , The Glade and Pasture Road some of which is private , or the houses are set well back from the road behind trees. There are several major early houses behind here but I doubt I will ever see them up close. Just a couple of examples ...

An ad from several years ago - click Image to see more details

The Coppice, click for more details

On the opposite side of the road is a group of houses designed by Crickmer 1929-30 .

Carry on down the hill and you will pass the stone marking Letchworth's boundary. Just beyond here on the right is the Hitchin Garden Centre part of Wyvale, on the original the site of and now incorporating Harkness Roses. click for more details

Harkness Roses, click for more details

Almost Opposite is "Rosehill" The Letchworth Center for Healthy Living

Beyond here to the right lies Stotfold Road (a slightly roller coaster, cross country route back under the railway line to Letchworth, passing the far ends of Icknield Way, Wilbury Road and Bedford Road and on past The Two Chimeys until you reach The site of the Fairfield Hospital, previously known as The Three Counties Asylum

Now the site of one of the latest redevelopments and new building projects in/around Letchworth. It is right on the Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire border, which is far from being a straight line. There are claims for it to be part of neighbouring Letchworth, Arlesey or Stotfold and we have a location calling itself Bedfordshire with a postcode of SG or Stevenage. The border apparently running up the middle of the road. Now established since 1 April 2013 as the new village and civil parish , Fairfield Park, in central Bedfordshire.

on the edge of the town) and straight you enter the outskirts of Hitchin which is South and further West that Fairfield but in Hertfordshire. Have a look at this diagram / map Herts Borders

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