Letchworth Lane

leads to Old Letchworth. Although there are several early important houses in this Lane they are now heavily shrouded in trees and bushes. At the end of the lane are Letchworth Hall Cottages built in the early 17th century

Behind these is St Marys Church it is a combination of 12th, 13th and 15th century construction.

Beyond these is Letchworth Hall Hotel. A 15th century building addd to and altered extensively, including by Bennett and Bidwell in 1922 and Barry Parker 1924 - 1936 ) , the hotel incorporates a Nuffield Health Centre and is surrounded on three sides by Letchworth Golf Club

Google Map View of the site

Opposite the hotel there is an extensive area of modern housing that extends almost up to the grounds of St Chistopher school and the end of Willian Way.

Follow the lane and you reach Willian Road that leads to Willian, another of the original villages around Letchworth, there are several images from Willian in the old postcard section. Past the village you find yourself on Baldock Lane which skirts the edge of Letchworth and leads back to Letchworth Gate very near the A1M.

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