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With the constant changes to the town in mind I extracted this timeline from its conception using a variety of sources. I am going to add as many dates of changes to the Garden City as I can find, (including significant current changes as they happen) on a regular basis.. The Garden City is not a museum, it is constantly changing and adapting to try and remain relevant, this is something you will notice as you go through the tour.

Time line

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Click HERE for a diagramatic plan of the centre of Letchworth

A few reference points to help you get your bearings marked on the map with a small blue square and number

1. Spirella Building
2. Letchworth Station
3. Post Office
4. Town Hall
5. Library
6. Mrs Howard Memorial Hall
7. Garden City Museum
8. Alpha Cottages
(First houses built in Garden City )

The current layout has many similarities to the original "Company plan" of 1904. The biggest differences are in the housing placed away from the center. The the lack of funding in the early days of Letchworth resulted in some of the planned town center areas never being fully developed, and the pause in development and changes in priorities caused by the First World War all had their effect.

A carving of part of the original plan which can be found in Broadwalk at the base of a bust of Ebenezer Howard

Prominent features of the original plan were the central axis and streets radiating from the town square, these features have mainly survived.


All the shopping areas and green areas have been refurbished at least once since this tour was compiled between 1998 and 2001, especially the town centre roads & pavements, town square, Broadwalk & Station Place. There will be lots of new pictures soon as I create a 2015/16 version of the tour, alongside this version.

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