Leys Avenue

Moving up the slope of Leys Avenue towards Eastcheap you pass one of the three entrances to "The Arcade" on your right.

The Arcade built 1922 was the pride of Letchworth Shopping, and after becoming tired and dull after many years of use was restored (about 2000) to bring it back to its former glory and has been refurbished yet again since..see 2015 image below.

It houses a variety of specialist shops including for a while "The Letchworth Tourist Information Center" (now enlarged and to be on the corner of Station Rd and the Arcade) where you can get a wide variety of tourist information and souvenirs relating to Letchworth and surrounding areas.

Some of the shops have changed quite frequently, but one which has been there for many years is Annie's Chocolate Emporium

In Annie's you will find a range of many hundreds of traditional sweets weighed out for you from old fashioned glass jars. Annie's also stocks a superb selection of Belgian and other luxury chocolate and a comprehensive range of cake decorations, see their website here >>>>

and the 2015 version of The Arcade entrance with the newest version of the refurbished roads and pavements (version 2) visible at the bottom and below that (again 2015) inside looking back from the other end

Some historic views of Leys Avenue in the 40's

and in the early 20's before The Arcade and flanking buildings were constructed

Looking back from the end of Leys Avenue, on the right is a parade of shops designed by Bennett and Bidwell in 1908 making the corner with Eastcheap. As I take this picture the side of The Colonnades is over my right shoulder, and Midland Bank (HSBC) and The Peoples House are directly to my left, either side of Station Road