Lytton Avenue

The North section of Lytton Avenue was originally named Middle Street, and was the main site of the Urban Cottage Exhibition of 1907.

The exhibition site also included parts of Gernon Road and Pixmore Way with Middle Street linking them.

Promoted by the National Housing Reform Council the cottages were designed in groups , each cottage to cost 175 pounds.

The layout of the Avenue includes a cul de sac and houses set back from a green, both of which were considered important features of modern site planning at the time.

Entries by C M Crickmer (of which there are several varied examples) , Alan Foxley (in Gernon Road) , Cayley and Rochester , H C Lander , J H Goodchild , Bennett and Bidwell , F H Jeffs and P B Houghton (winner of the 1905 competition) can all be seen in a very compact area.

Prize winner for C M Crickmer in class III

Once across Pixmore Way the houses were individually planned and designed by a variety of architects at various times but you can find examples by Parker and Unwin 1909 and a small grouping at the end by Rowland W Cash 1912. More entries can be seen in Pixmore Way , just aroud the corner