Muddy Lane

Muddy Lane earned its name at the official inauguration of the Garden City in October 1903, which took place in pouring rain nearby.

The first house at the corner is "Scudamore" a 16th century house which has been extensively rebuilt this century, see postcard of old post office on previous page. In 1903 it was the lodgings for Raymond Unwin while preparing his layout for Letchworth.

Next along the lane is the back of a large house "Arunside" which was a pair of semi-detached houses Parker and Unwin built in 1904/5 and then lived in themselves.

Originally Unwin's house was named "Laneside" where he lived from 1904 to 1906, and Parker's was named "Crabby Corner" where he lived from 1906 until 1935.

There is a modern dormitory block to the house's right from 1983, which is not in the photo. The three storey addition to the house in the left foreground of the picture was by Barry Parker in 1914.

The Letchworth Garden City Society use a line illustration of the other elevation of this building as their logo


Beyond the end of Muddy Lane is the old Letchworth Rectory , where Laurence Olivier grew up.

To the left of the road a new state of the art tennis club has been built on what was still a muddy field up until then, this replaced the old tennis club near the end of South View / Sollershotts East, now redeveloped with new housing.

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