Nevells Road

Further down the road , Just past Cross Street on your right is The Settlement which has always played an important part of the social life of Letchworth.

Designed by Parker and Unwin and built in 1907 it was originally built to be The Skittles Inn , it became known as the pub with no beer.

The Skittle Alley was added in 1909, and in the 1950s this was extended to form Kincaid Hall. Named after William Wallace Kincaid one of the founders of Spirella.

When Letchworth was founded there were problems in the large Cities with alcohol and gin palaces. Ebenezer Howard's original plan suggested that the availability of alcohol should perhaps be controlled. That the decision to allow licensed premises into the Garden City should be the decision of the residents. They put the question to the vote and they voted no until 1958.

Residents could choose to go to pubs in nearby town and villages, if they wanted to go out for an alcoholic drink.

The Skittles Inn however had all the ambiance of a pub or inn, with a billiard room and a bar, but only serving drinks like Bovril, Hot chocolate or soft cold drinks.

A path to the town centre through the railway embankment "the cattle creep" made access easier, until the railway bridge was constructed, to join the North and South sections of Nortonway to be connected.

In 1923 the Inn moved to The People House in Station Road and the old building became The Settlement a centre for adult education and a wide variety of other activities.

It is a self governing centre, and members can be involved in appointing the governing Council, sit on the Management Committee, be involved with the finances and help choose the programme.

There are University Courses and Day Schools (about 45 in a year), and several Settlement Groups (photography, art, gardening, table tennis, philosophy to name only a few) that members can participate in. About 50 different organisations use the facilities in all.

The name was changed in 1908.