Norton Common

This view up the avenue of trees from Icknield Way to Willbury Road and Westholm extending the town Axis to its northern extremity . The of the avenue of trees were planted in 1937 by local schools and the Brownies to mark the coronation of King George VI many of these are still standing and are very popular with the squirrel population.

On the South Eastern corner of the Common is the open air Lido built in 1935 and close to these are tennis courts, a bowling green, a playground and a small skateboard park.

Now shielded from public view, this was the Lido in the 50's. It hasnt changed much except a fence around the perimeter and the diving aparatus and its still very popular.

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Until recently the common was the venue for Foundation Day celebrations and Fireworks, with thousands of local residents attending. However this has been controversial due to the damage done to the grass by the crowds and lorries, at what is usually a wet muddy time of the year. The furrows left by vehicles rendered the central area impassable for months.

Foundation Day Saturday September 26th 1998 >>>

Letchworth is famous for the presence of Black Squirrels unusual elsewhere in England, you can often see them and their grey counterparts running around, playing and feeding quite tamely. Not terribly popular with householders if they get into your loft, they have crossed into the Grange Estate, on the northern border of the common, where I have seen both adults and their young running in the streets and on rooftops occasionally.

A few more views around the common

Now with newish cycle paths and some reduction of the scrubland it is popular with cyclists, many dogwalkers, black and grey squirrels, rabbits, Muntjac Deer, various birds as well as interesting insect and fungal life.