Norton Way North

A major new landwark , St George's Church by Peter Bosanquet in 1961-64. See inside the church , its construction and paintin the spire and history on this site here and a diary etc on the official website and on my pages for Parish of Norton


The road in the foreground is one of the roads crossing to the east and Green Lane, Common View and further along North Avenue where housing for industrial workers was built.

"Elmwood Cottages" by Baillie Scott an entry in the 1905 Cheap Cottage exhibition that failed to qualify due to exceeding the cost limit of £150 per dwelling. The original sketches show the roofline continued down to almost the ground , which made it very picturesque but impractical . The appearance of the original lines have been spoilt a bit by the practical additions of the flat roofed blocks on each end.

A little further down on your left is Glebe Road , Please take a look at Common View and Glebe Road before going on. Both are on the heritage walk through the town, we don't come back this way on this tour

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