Norton Way South

At the junction of Hillshott with Norton Way South is The Mrs Howard Memorial Hall, 1905/1906 by Parker and Unwin.

After being refurbished and expanded extensively between 1998 and 2006, The Hall is in regular use. Please follow the link above for more history / images.

One very early image, there are several others in the postcards section

Looking north from Mrs Howards Hall this junction this is the view you would have seen in the early days of the city

In 2015 the buildings are almost the same, The street is now an avenue of mature trees and the road is slighly wider, better made up and full of parked cars down one side.

Opposite Mrs Howards Hall between Leys Avenue and Gernon Road is The Free Church by Barry Parker 1924

The other side of Hillshott is the bowling green laid in 1931 and clubhouse, also the site of the Over Sixties Social Center opened in 1953.

Below the view of Mrs Howards Memorial Hall from the entrance of The Free Church.