Norton Way South

Near the end of Norton Way South the block 355 - 361 was the home of Ebenezer Howard for part of his time in Letchworth. By Parker and Unwin 1904 , Howard lived at 359.

an old postcard of the same building from the other direction

At the end of Norton Way South you come to Baldock Road.

Turn left towards Baldock and you will come to the Junction at Pixmore Way, at the roundabout is St Pauls Church , by A. Heron Ryan Tennyson begun in 1923.

Beyond Pixmore Way the road goes past Pixmore Avenue , Dunhams Way , Avenue One and Jubilee Road all roads leading to or part of the industrial estate, you also pass the leisure centre, and the retail parks.

A short way beyond these you reach Baldock.

If you go straight on at the end of Norton Way South and you are in the tree lined Willian Road.

Instead we will turn right into Baldock Road . You quickly come to the first cottages to be built in the Garden City .

"Alpha Cottages"built by Picton and Hope in 1904, they also built "The Sheds" at Nevells Road.

Beyond these you can continue along Baldock Road towards Hitchin , or take the right hand turn up Sollershotts East or South View.

A little further along Baldock Road on your left the tour comes to Cloisters Road, a residential road with a unique building at its end.