Pixmore Avenue

This street stretching between Baldock Road and Birds Hill formed a boundary between the Residential areas and Industrial Estate .

On the left is the new housing in Gillison Close that now forms the corner of Pixmore Way and Baldock Road, along this close you also find the Garden House Hospice, The White House Nursing Home and the Ernest Gardner Treatment Centre.

To the left the street is mainly lined with residential flats and housing of various generations with junctions on the left that lead you into the back of the housing areas of Pix Road, Ridge Road and Birds Hill, gradually becoming more industrial as you near Works Road. The final building on the corner is the Pixmore Cafe which I believe you can see on the right edge of this old postcard. It was on this corner that one of the early companies Foster Instrument Co set up. Opposite behnd the workers is the large factory built by W H Smith in 1907 for their bookbinding operation.

see current street view Here

Back at the Baldock Road end of Pixmore Avenue on your right is the Jackmans Place group of houses, familiar to many as it is also the home of the driving test centre, beyond this is where the edge of the industrial area began, although there are still some industrial units the old Ascot and Phoenix Estates have given way to new housing. Along streets named Ascot, Phoenix, Bowyer and Lowe Drive (named for old business links to the area) and Wissen Drive (Twinned Town) new houses have filled a large patch of what was once in the early years a thriving industrial area.

Click on the image for a little background to a car maker based in Pixmore Avenue , notes from talks made to the Letchworth Garden City Society.

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The two large old factories near Works Road were erected by W H Smith in 1907, one for their bookbinding division on the corner, later to become Morse Chain, it is presently a self storage facility, and the Arden Press Ltd., as their printing works on the next plot, presently used by Teamworks Karting and Laser Tag.

An aerial view along Pixmore Avenue from 1950 during the Morse Chain era, showing both factories and their surroundings. To find out more have a look at the Industrial heritage section of this site.

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