The Birds Hill Estate

The Birds Hill Estate continues around the corner into Ridge Road. The houses to your left are all by Parker and Unwin 1906 and feature a wide variety of complimentary designs .

The estate continues along Ridge Road, shielded at the rear from the industrial estate by a line of trees , retained by Unwin.

Birds Hill at the time of construction

A familiar feature of Letchworth is the group of cottages (houses) surrounding a green and it appears again here . This picture shows just one side of the green, which is shielded from the road by trees and hedges.

Opposite the green is the entrance to Ridge Avenue , to the right no's 19 - 37 Ridge Road were designed by C.M.Crickmer 1906/7, and no's 1 - 8 The Ridge were designed by Bennett and Bidwell for Howard Cottage Society 1910/11.

Before we go down Ridge Avenue I'm just going to end the of Ridge Road to see a cottage by W H Cowlishaw 1914 just before the corner with Pixmore Avenue

and on the corner designed by Parker and Unwin in 1908, an early industrial building originally built to house Edmundsbury Weaving Works