Rushby Mead

The housing in Rushby Mead from Rushby Walk to Birds Hill was developed for the Howard Cottage Society in 1911 by Bennett and Bidwell no's 2-42, Parker and Unwin 44-58 and C.M.Crickmer 60-78.

The layout by Raymond Unwin incorporates a large green area in front of many of the groups of houses separating them from the road, and the cul-de-sac Rushby Walk.

These houses face the back of Howard Park, where a memorial stone to Ebeneezer Howard is situated overlooking the large paddling pool, built in the 1930's.

Above the View from Birds Hill

and near Rusby Walk

Rushby Walk

On the other side of Hillshott, Rushby Mead continues with further examples of houses by Parker and Unwin and Bennett and Bidwell from 1911-1912 leading to its junction with Pixmore Way, which it crosses and continues all the way to Baldock Road running parallel to Pix Brook, the river that originally ran across Howard Park .

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