Sollershott Circus

Sollershott Circus claims to be the first roundabout in the land. At the time of its first use there was no rule about which way you should go round.

This image from about 1912

With a total of 6 exits the roads branching off the roundabout are:-

Sollershots East and Sollershotts West, there are many large original houses along here but they are mostly impossible to photograph well due to the extensive hedgerows and trees

Spring Road going Northwards to the railway line and Southwards to Baldock Road.

And the final section of Broadway ending at a T junction, Hitchin Road to the left and Baldock Road to the right, close to Letchworth Lane.. and to the North the section that leads past St Francis School and towards the town square where you should have just come from

If you have finished following all the streets around here go back to the Townsquare to continue the tour