The original Garden City Estate Office building is at the junction of Broadway and Station Place.

The earlier offices of 1904 were a single storey building looking like a large bungalow located in what was no more than a field . Three oak trees about 300 yards away marked the proposed position of the Central Square. This was the office where visitors could obtain all the information they needed about land and houses, and begin negotiation for a site.

This was hidden by this later building , built in front of the original. Designed by Parker and Unwin and built in 1913/4, with the facade reflecting a change of style away from Art and Crafts towards Georgian revival. The cupola on the roof is above the doorway of that period. (The original building is still accessible down a alley between shops in Eastcheap)

This was used by the Heritage Foundation until November 9th 1998 when they moved to suite 401 in the newly refurbished Spirella Building, (they have since moved into the much refurbished Shelvoke Building in Icknield Way).

The interior of the building in the picture has now been redeveloped into luxury appartments

The next building in Station Place is National Westminster Bank 1926, for which Parker was consulting architect.

Next to this "The Colonnade" 1909 by Howard Goadby, Marrian and Edgar Simmons is in the earlier Arts and Crafts style. Renovated and converted into firstly The Collonades pub then the Hogs Head public house for several years it was used in the film Worlds End and subsequently reverted to being The Collonades. It is presently visually a vast improvement over the electricity board shop that was there during the '80's and now has some interesting sculptures and small fountains on the pavement nearby.

This shows the way the three building stand in relation to each other viewed from Bridge Road