Beyond this parade also facing onto Station Place is the Midland Bank building now HSBC, the corner of a block which extends into Station Road and Leys Avenue as far as The Arcade on both sides.

This is by Bennett and Bidwell designed 1922, built on the site originally planned to be an open market.

The space had remained an area of open grassland overlooked by the shops in Leys Avenue until then , this can be seen on the left in this old postcard

A similar angle if view in 1933

As you walk around Station Place towards the station forecourt you pass a parade of new shops and offices developed in 1964 , it has no particular style. However from what little information I have at the moment the building that stood here in the 30's was an elegant building that fitted in with its surroundings named Style House.

The railway line was built in 1850 .

As early as 1904 a halt was constructed for Letchworth of some planks, it was a little further down the line than the existing station .

A new temporary wooden station was opened in 1905 , built by Willmott & Sons of Hitchin near the present site of the Spirella factory. A wooden footbridge made it possible to cross the railway , linking the town with The Sheds and Exhibition Road. Many thousands came through the station in 1905 to see the Cheap Cottage Exhibition.

This was replaced by the present station in 1912. The front of the building is in the Arts and Crafts style but the rest of the station follows a more standard station design.

The station has now been re-named Letchworth Garden City.

In front of the station stands an area of trees and a cenotaph originally erected to remember the dead of the town from the 1st World War, unveiled in 1921.