Station Road

With your back to the station forecourt, to your left is Station Road.

This is the first road built in the Town Centre. Connecting the station to the housing on the east side of the town and the industrial area.

As you proceed down the hill, the first building on your left is "The Peoples House". This was run as a restaurant in the 1920's after the "Skittles Inn" in Nevells Road was turned from, "The pub with no beer" (as it became known), into what it is today, "The Settlement", an adult education centre.

Beyond this a short parade of shops / offices and at the time what was a relatively new addition to the Garden City, a public house "The Litten Tree", which has since become a Chinese restaurant "Dragon King. Then you find the first large new development this close to the town centre. A complex of retirement homes being constructed (@ 9/2000) by McCarthy & Stone on the site of what was a fairly worn out building which I believe used to be a Garage..

Next to this @ 2015 an old petrol station / car dealers has been demolished for the construction of another new development.

Beyond this on the left side of the road are "Silver Birch Cottages" three blocks of cottages designed by Parker and Unwin in 1905 - 1907, restored in 1980 and heavily screened from the traffic by greenery. The original plans for these can be found here >>>>

Opposite these are the entrances to "The Wynd" a pedestrian walk way full of small shops and units behind the main shopping streets, also the entrance to another glass covered arcade.

Originally known as "The Wynd Arcade" or "The Gallery" it housed a cafe and in the past housed a variety of small shop units. Changing use several times in the last 20 years it is currently a few small businesses and an open plan trading area known as the Greenhouse, where you can rent a table to sell crafts of collectibles >>>> . Designed in 1980 by BCCH Architects with Anthony Doling, It is in extreme contrast to the neighbouring parade of 1906 shops.

Beyond these two entrances further down Station Road are some of the first shops built in Letchworth

and further along the junction with Norton Way South

A very old picture of this junction from the postcards section of this site, here you can find many old pictures of the streetscenes, station and houses from over the years