The Wynd

Lets go back to The Wynd , and cut through to Leys Avenue, the other main shopping street developed before 1914.

Originally created to provide access to the back of the two shopping streets and some small workshops , this was never intended to be a through route. Some of the workshops became small shops and people used it as a shortcut

Some of the shop units in The Wynd are original others have been built very recently, a major redevelopment was planned for this area (2006) but as of 2015 it still hasn't happened though some old workshops have been demolished and the car park expanded.

Above this view before 1999 pre-dates additions of extra indoor and outdoor seating areas to the nearest building, a cafe/restaurant and considerable growth of the trees.

Some of the older shops

There is also an access road (Openshaw Way) for the shops in Leys Avenue and Station Road, here you find a middle entrance to "The Arcade" added in the recent redevelopment, a walkway (just being built on right of picture in 1999) from there to "The Gallery" and some car parking. The Fenners building sited here for many years has been repurposed as artists studios >>>>.