Around The Town Square

The Town Square was intended to be an architectural masterpiece with cultural amenities set out in a formal plan. However this was not to be and after the site was laid out with trees in 1914 further development did not go ahead until later. The result is a mixture of styles. More recently most of the trees have been removed from the square and the area landscaped.

On the East Side

The First building on the corner of Gernon Road is the Library complete with all the latest facilities and a comprehensive collection of books and records in its local history section.

By C.M.Crickmer 1938, and extended 1962 and 1968

Next to this the Museum , originally housing archeological displays from the findings when Letchworth was built. . Built as a single storey building for the Letchworth Naturalists Society.

Extended in 1920. Classes of the Adult Education Settlement were held upstairs until 1925 when they moved to The Settlement in Nevells Road, it went on to host various other exhibitions, activities and displays of art.

The building of the Library in 1939 caused the Museum to lean towards Pixmore Way and the outer wall had to be buttressed as a result.

By Barry Parker 1914-1920 with additions by C.M.Crickmer 1962,

@ 2015 the museum is closed with the curator now focussing on the establishment of the North Herts Museum combining the museums from Hitchin and Letchworth in a new building which has been newly designed and constructed at the side of and incorporating the old Hitchin Town Hall.

Next is The Roman Catholic Church of St. Hugh of Lincoln which although quite massive, is set back from the street reducing the effect. By Nicholas and Dixon Spain started 1938 and completed 1962.

The earlier church by Charles Spooner in Pixmore Way is now used as the church hall.

The next building a 1964 office development, formerly used by ICL, until they left during the 80's. Is not shown here (it was not very interesting and impossible to get a good shot with all the trees around it at the time I compiled the site)

After several years of being loaned to various branches of the council or left empty, a large bulldozer turned up a ripped a lot of it down, all the windows were taken out and the whole thing gutted and refurbished into a new high tech office suites.

The Building now part of the Heritage Foundations property portfolio has been re-named, The Nexus Building and is rented out to various tennants


2015 from top of Pixmore Way

2015 the old Grammar School from the same spot in Pixmore Way

On the South side St. Michael's Church by Laurence King 1968 stands on the corner between Broadway and West View.

On the West side formerly the Grammar School by Barry Parker 1931, runs most of the length of the square. It has been put to many uses and in 2015 is part of the College

Plinston Hall built more recently is at the end of the West side, formerly a popular venue for many local events, the building has been renamed and repurposed to be part of the Da Vinci centre


Next you come to the entrance to the Morrisons car park and the new Goldsmiths College building

LINK 2015 some of the current landscaping, the few remaining original trees in foreground, Grammar School to right, Nexus to left, fountain and St Michaels at far end.

There is an aerial view from 2013 here