Wilbury Road

More entries in the 1905 cottage competition

Pre-cast reinforced concrete house by John A Brodie, the Liverpool City Engineer. Interlocking panels cast in Liverpool were shipped to Letchworth by train and erected in 36 hours . This building ( unique in The Garden City as far as I know ) has a Mediteranean look but is made from clinker ash from an incinerator , reinforced with steel and cast into 6" thick panels in moulds . This system of construction was used for tenements in Liverpool.

no 158

150 - 156 & 160 part of a group by W. Clough of Ringwood , Hampshire. His cousin Clough Williams Ellis who supervised the construction here went on to become well known as the architect of Port Meirion , North Wales of "Prisoner" TV series fame.

No 148 at the end of this row was by Darlington Construction Co and was pre fabricated in Sweden and has since this picture had some alterations.

Keep walking to the West down the hill you come to the Pix Brook and the entrance to Standalone Farm.